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Maintain an airway and establish to ensure adequate air flow and oxygenation. Stomach evacuation by lavage as well as usage of activated charcoal ought to be taken into consideration. Cautious observation and essential as well as heart indication tracking are recommended, in addition to basic symptomatic and also supportive care. Because of the big quantity of distribution of citalopram, required diuresis, hemoperfusion, exchange, and also dialysis transfusion are unlikely to be of perk. There are no specific antidotes for citalopram.

In taking care of overdosage, consider the opportunity of multiple-drug involvement. The doctor should consider contacting a toxin control center for additional information on the therapy of any overdose.

Citalopram ought to be carried out at a preliminary dose of 20 mg daily, generally with a rise to a dose of 40 mg/day. Dose increases need to normally happen in increments of 20 mg at periods of no much less compared to one week. Although certain people may call for a dose of 60 mg/day, the only study relevant to dosage response for performance did not show an advantage for the 60 mg/day dose over the 40 mg/day dose; doses over 40 mg are for that reason not usually recommended.

20 mg/day is the recommended dose for the majority of senior clients and individuals with hepatic problems, with titration to 40 mg/day just for nonresponding patients.

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